Live it, love it, and carry lots of spare parts.

Here's the quick page for reaching all the photos from this year's Rubicon trip.

Click any of the links below to go to the thumbnail pages.  Then click any image for full view.

Me and my '74
These are all of me and my 74.  Most of these shots came thanks to Kevin Sands, my passenger through this little fiasco of mine.  I of course was the one who had more problems due to elevation and overheating than all other drivers.  But that's what makes the Rubicon fun -- it's an excellent proving ground for your vehicle.
  my ugly mug
    Roger went a little nuts with the camera.

Some great shots of all the drivers on the trail, at the camp, repairing various broken items and generally having a good time.

Dillon Potter
Max Wood
Roger Bell
Quinn Dusenberry

All of Us
Just a few shots of the group with drivers, riders, trucks, etc.

My testimony to a Land Rover Discovery that can flat tow a 74 Bronco nearly 2000 miles and make it comfortable.

After the run
Just a few shots of the busted stuff after.

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